Réseau routier et désenclavement du Cantal: une longue histoire...


On a coutume de rappeler les difficultés de circulation dans le Cantal, Aurillac étant souvent qualifiée de ville-préfecture la plus enclavée de France. En effet, « l’examen des conditions de déplacement vers et depuis le Cantal montre que les liaisons terrestres entre les principales agglomérations, hormis Saint-Flour, et les pôles régionaux les plus proches, sont peu rapides et ......[Lire la suite] ...

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Puy MaryYou surely came on the Aprogemere site seeking a few «cantalous» ancestors in the «Pays vert» and we can help you find them. “Pays vert” (ie Green country) is the other name of Cantal land, part of Auvergne region in center France. .


Our members indexed parish registers and civil records (births, marriages and deaths) for more than ten years and notary deeds for over three years. That allows us to have on our site two third of the townships in the area (more than 3 200 000 records and over 500 000 notary deeds). We didn’t forget our migrants (born in Cantal and found elsewhere) with about 110 000 references. Our internet forum will allow you to exchange and search for a «cousinage » that will advance your researches. You will find “expert” members (thanks to their former or current researches) to help you in your own studies..

In the dedicated space allocated to members, you will have your own page if you want, with access to the genealogy you will share with us from a simple GEDCOM file. A "Cousinage" database with an advanced search function will allow you to find all the ancestors you have in common with the other members, your “«cousins» so to speak. You will also be able to access directories dedicated to registers of notary deeds.
Thanks to having a lot of members living near Aurillac, we can access documents that aren’t yet digitized and available on the Archives Department’ site, with whom we have a successful partnership for several years.
Very active, the association takes part and organizes several annual events in Cantal. A permanent is held monthly at the Association’s head office and the “Ile de France” branch organizes quarterly meetings in Paris.

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